Audiences and Experiences: Games To Play Week 12


Gris is high up there in my list of games everyone should play at least once. Gris is a great reminder that we can overcome most things given enough time. Its beautifully hand drawn watercolours, smooth animations and fantastic mechanics make it a joy to play even if it is sometimes a bit confusing. For me, Gris was the reminder I needed to keep going when I was having a hard time. Throughout the game, the main character becomes stronger and stronger. At the start she is barely able to move and by the end she is able to turn into a rock, float beautifully through the air and swim to the deepest depths of the water below her.

As she gains each of her abilities she is able to do more. Climb higher, go deeper, reach previously inaccessible places. It is a metaphor for going through life, you meet you need to find the ability to jump over each hurdle you reach and can go back to challenges you could only dream of completing when younger but are now able to do with fluidity and ease.



Game developer who studied at Solent University with some truly amazing people. Now studying a Masters of Game Design at UCA Farnham. Also Co-Founder of Stack Interactive.

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