Audiences and Experiences: Reading Week 9

“Immersion”, Carl Therrien

Reading this was really interesting to see the different views people have on what immersion is and how to obtain it. To me it felt like some of the quotes in the book were seemingly hostile towards each other. It made me think, to what extent do we have to argue about immersion as a concept and would it not be better to engage in making the best immersive experience for everyone as it is obvious that immersion is different for everyone.

It is a bit like defining play, it is different for everyone and might it not be better to say that rather than each of these authors diving deep into why their definition of immersion is the correct one?

Virtual Art: From Illusion to Immersion, Oliver Grau

This paper was really interesting and gave a large insight into virtual art and virtual reality as it was considered in 2003. Despite the age of the paper it was a great read about an analysis from then. Reading about the considerations of mediums back then and comparing to how they have developed through the years, with virtual reality especially, is really interesting.

I found it interesting that Grau said that immersion is not all about a more realistic experience as I also believe this. I can often find myself immersed in games that are stylised or cartoon in nature like Bastion or Minecraft, just as well as I become immersed in more physically based games such as Siege or Modern Warfare.



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