Audiences and Experiences: Week 2 Reading

Game-Story to Cyberdrama - Janet Murray

In this essay, Janet Murray talks about how “new media” is compared to “old media” in such a way that they do not believe that old media and new ‘ractive media are entirely different. Murray says “too often, the criteria of divergent disciplines or genres are set against one another” which to this day is still poignant in how a lot of the world will look at a painting and call it art, but will refuse to do the same for a game despite the artistic intent behind the story and visuals of a game.

Murray also talks about how the real world influences self-story telling by game-like activities such as stock trading, and baseball which on their own are contained experiences but outside they influence world wide markets and peoples livelihoods.

Finishing off the article, Murray argues that we need to think of how stories and games can be bought together in a world she describes as plastic, which to me means that the cyberspace Murray talks of is able to be sculpted in many different ways.



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