Audiences and Experiences: Week 3 Workshop

Striking the cup with his molten claw Satan shouted “bullshit, this tea is cold! It may as well be orange juice!” His voice echoed through the caverns, his little devils shaking at the knees looking anywhere to avoid eye contact with their Master. As Satan’s tea begun to steam again, he motioned to one of the devils standing against the farthest wall from him. The devil looked, as if to say “who, me?” hoping for his life Satan meant to beckon someone else. “Bring me my iPad, I am finding staring at all of you hopeless cretins to be very boring.”

The week prior, Satan had lost his love. His amore. His Khaleesi. She thought she could handle the battle of the great clouds, alas, she could not and succumbed to the villainous vapor balls that descended the heavens to hell in an attempt to wipe out the lords of the underworld.

Since then, Satan had an iPad shipped in his favourite white colour to his cosy little lair and spends his time avoiding his depression playing games such as the recently released Minecraft: Worlds.

This was a story written using the below prompts

  • orange
  • tea
  • games
  • bullshit
  • satan
  • depression
  • boring
  • iPad
  • white
  • khaleesi
  • thought
  • villain
  • wall
  • clouds



Game developer who studied at Solent University with some truly amazing people. Now studying a Masters of Game Design at UCA Farnham. Also Co-Founder of Stack Interactive.


  • Camille Baker

    HI Jaz

    Good work so far - I know you were ill, but don't get too behind - there will be a week without reading next week but do catch up to this week and for next.